Upcoming Events

Ladies Futsal

Thu. Apr. 27
British Embassy Tokyo
Regular Ladies Futsal Session at the British Embassy. The first 30 minutes are focused on passing drills and the following 90 minutes are 5-on-5 five minute matches round robin. Meet in front of the gates on time (19:25) to be escorted on by Embassy Member. Remember to bring photo ID, and if you...

BEFC vs Zion

BEFC vs Zion FC
20th May (Sat)
Yokohama Country and Athletics Club
The league maybe won but this is still a big game because Zion will be looking for their revenge! Last season's matches vs Zion were intense and we managed to best them both times. This season we continued our winning streak over them, but was a hard match with us playing at a really decent level...

Ladies Futsal Match

Ladies Futsal Match
Bonfim Football Park
The Ladies only futsal match will be held at Bonfim Football Park Ochiai Minami Nagasaki. Six teams will play in this 5-on-5 indoor futsal match. The fee is 14,000yen per team. There will be cancellation fee after 7th May so if we do not have enough players by then we will not register for the...

Footy Japan Charity Soccer 7s

Footy Japan Charity 7s
27th May (Sat)
12:30 - 18:00
Yokohama Country and Athletics Club
Footy Japan's annual Charity Soccer competition at the YC&AC in Yokohama. Over the past few seasons BEFC have become increasingly better at 7s which is a uniquely different style of game to futsal and 11s. This season we want to try and enter 2 teams as proof that we are able to enter a 2nd...

MIFA Football Park Organized 2nd Ladies Competition!

Sun. June 25
MIFA Football Park
MIFA Football Park has organized a Ladies Futsal Tournament. There will be a minumin of five games, play is on a no roof (outdoor), artificial turf (long pile), 18 m × 36 m. Teams are limited to women only and maximum of 10 players. Participation fee is 15,000yen including tax. There will be prizes...