BEFC Lions

  • BEFC Lions TML15 Squad - 2017
  • BEFC Lions TML15 Squad - 2017

BEFC Lions are a semi-competitive football team playing competitively in Division 3 of the Tokyo Metropolis League (

In 2014 BEFC starting expanding rapidly and became increasingly competitive in philosophy. This led to fewer chances for members to play in the current TML BEFC team but didn't stop the increase in players and their desire to play. After creating additional friendlies and entering two teams in FCJ's soccer sevens tournaments BEFC made the push to form a brand new team from an already solid pool of players joining TML15 in Division 3.

As a new team Lions are forging their own identity and building up their team beginning in TML Division 3 with eyes set on promotion. Lions are made up of new players as well as those with plenty of experience playing previously for BEFC in TML Division 2. While not as competitive as British Embassy FC, Lions are not a recreational team either, looking for a good standard of players to develop into a well oiled team.

BEFC Lions is the adventure of forming a new team and going for glory!

Despite being a new team, Lions already has a strong player base. New players would need to be introduced by current members and show they are of a high standard and committed to be part of a regular team.
Lions may also recruit for specific positions, such as a goalkeeper. So if you think you might be able to fill a specific role you can get in touch, however you'll need patience to work your way into the squad.