The British Embassy Football club is recognised as an embassy team by its original founding and continued participation by embassy members. However it is not officially endorsed or recognised by the British Embassy itself, and is predominantly run by the non-embassy membership. This flexible organisation encourages all members to help assist in the running of the club where various tasks are handled by why who is willing and able at the time.

In order to run properly however the club maintains the following key positions which make up the BEFC officiate.

BEFC Manager - Keith Crowley

Keith Crowley

Manager and Non-Embassy Representative

Known as ‘The Management’, BEFC’s player/manager is the closest BEFC has to chairman, as he oversees the everyday running and continued existence of BEFC. Keith is also the official liaison with the embassy for the non-embassy membership and maintains links with the BEFC OBs.

BEFC President - Rich Oppenheim

Richard Oppenheim

President and Embassy Representative

Representation and involvement from the embassy comes from currently involved members, long term members and ex-veterans. The current main embassy representative and honorary BEFC President is Richard Oppenheim who also organises the BEFC’s own Friendly Cup and other friendlies for the club.

BEFC Captain - Ben Palmer

Ben Palmer


Organisation of the TML 11s team is handled by Ben Palmer. Among other things Ben manages and supports the players, plans the fixtures, talks with the TML, and selects the team. Ben also manages the club website, relationships with other clubs and arranges participation in additional footballing events.

BEFC Vice Captain - Jorge Marenco

Jorge Marenco

Vice Captain & Treasurer

Jorge is the treasurer for BEFC; looking after the BEFC fees for player registration and entry into the TML as well as general expenses and running costs needed to make it all happen.

BEFC Vice Captain and Treasurer - Ewan Walton

Ewan Walton

Vice Captain

Ewan shares the load with other Vice Captains in organising the 11s Team as well as captaining the team on the field when needed.

BEFC Vice Captain - Kaz Fushimi

Kaz Fushimi

7s Captain

Kaz captains the BEFC 7s team and assists with other Vice Captains in organising the 11s Team as well as managing additional matches and trainings.

BEFC - Natalie Guerrero (Ladies Captain)

Natalie Guerrero

Ladies Captain

Organization of the Ladies team is handled by Natalie. She manages the administration of the Ladies Futsal club as well as the weekly sessions at the Embassy. Natalie also manages friendly sessions with other teams and arranges participation in additional footballing events.

BEFC Futsal Manager - Seth

Seth Reisner

Futsal Captain

Seth manages the administration of the Futsal club as well as the running of the weekly sessions on the Embassy with Mark.
They also arrange entry for the futsal club in competitions.

BEFC - Namiho Takeda (Ladies Vice Captain)

Namiho Takeda

Ladies Vice Captain

Namiho helps with managing the Ladies team. She organises participation into competitions and tournaments and the running of futsal sessions and captaining in matches.

Futsal Captain - Mark Kuroda

Mark Kuroda

Futsal Captain

Mark administrates the BEFC Futsal club and manages the running of regular futsal sessions with Seth. 
They also arrange for futsal team entry into competitions.