MIFA Football Park Organized 2nd Ladies Competition!

Sun. June 25

MIFA Football Park has organized a Ladies Futsal Tournament.

There will be a minumin of five games, play is on a no roof (outdoor), artificial turf (long pile), 18 m × 36 m. Teams are limited to women only and maximum of 10 players. Participation fee is 15,000yen including tax. There will be prizes awarded after the tournament.

12:15-12:45          Registration
12:50-13:00          Opening ceremony 
13:10-16:13          Tournament (8 teams)

16:20-                  Closing Ceremony

Each game is 8min. No half time. 

Match schedule:

13:10-13:18  vs Allez les bleues @ Court B

13:23-13:31 vs with ルンバ @ Court C

13:51-13:59 vs MIFA FP Ladies @ Court A

14:04-14:12 vs TUCANO girls @ Court A

14:17-14:25 vs galera @ Court C

14:45-14:53 vs すっぴん @ Court C

15:11-15:19 vs ALETTA @ Court B

One or two games follow to decide the rank. These games will be 5min half.